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Dome Home Design & Manufacturing

Completed dome homes may range in price from $75 per finished square foot area, to $250 per foot. Domes have complete design flexibility requiring no roof support posts and offering wide panoramic glass windows. They are the most energy efficient and safe building. The Hurricane Steel Dome Series will be the last building standing in seismic earthquakes, tornado and hurricane winds, or abundant piles of crushing snow.

Custom Dome Design in Minneapolis, MN

Our Services: Design, Manufacture, Build.

Dome Inc. specializes in dome home designs with wood and steel frames. Contact us for dome home roof repair or shingle repair today at 612-333-3663. Give us a call we will be happy to get in touch with you soon. Dome Inc. manufactures the critical elements needed to assemble and build geodesic domes. We have created three distinct classes of wood and steel frame domes, covering dome sizes from 14’ screen houses to 75’ buildings. Large domes up to 150’ may be built using a double dome frame. Dome holds a patent on the Hub Connector for Geodesic Domes. We have designed a superior skylight frame exclusively for dome buildings, and make clear windows in both glass and impact-proof polycarbonate. Standard dome sizes are ready to order, while many custom domes require architectural design and engineering. We have an on-site dome specialist to expedite dome assembly.

Dome Home; Design, Manufacturing

Large and Commercial Domes

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