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Restoration and Repair

Dome Inc. offers experienced, expert restoration and shingle replacement for existing domes. Dome Inc. was awarded the contract to restore the only dome home lived and owned by R. Buckminster Fuller in Carbondale, Illinois. Dome Inc. has re-shingled and repaired dozens of older domes built by other dome companies all across the U.S.

Our Services: Design, Manufacture, Build.

Dome Inc. manufactures the critical elements needed to assemble and build geodesic domes. We have created three distinct classes of wood and steel frame domes, covering dome sizes from 14’ screen houses to 75’ buildings. Large domes up to 150’ may be built using a double dome frame. Dome holds a patent on the Hub Connector for Geodesic Domes. We have designed a superior skylight frame exclusively for dome buildings, and make clear windows in both glass and impact-proof polycarbonate. Standard dome sizes are ready to order, while many custom domes require architectural design and engineering. We have an on-site dome specialist to expedite dome assembly.

Residential Domes, Design Manufacture

Large and Commercial Domes

Recreational Domes

Restoration and Repair