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Two-story tall and wide window hexagon

High-Quality Dome Services

Updated for 2020, Dome Prices subject to change

We hope everyone is safe, healthy, and financially sound in today’s difficult times. Since the beginning of 2020, U.S. manufacturing is experiencing unprecedented levels of lumber and steel price increases and availability in the supply chain. Industry costs continue to increase on nearly all the materials we use in the dome manufacturing process. These supply issues have driven us to absorb cost increases with efficiencies in production and internal cost reductions.

We remain fully committed to our customers and will continue to provide the highest quality dome products and services in the shortest time possible without ecological offence or to anyone's disadvantage.


Storm Series Steel Dome

Designed to meet all required minimums for standard building codes in 80% of the United States.

DOME DIAMETERFRAME PRICEPLYWOODceiling w/4' base1floor area
15' more than half sphere$ 5495.11'150 sq ft2v 6/9
Any custom size available, incl. 21' 3v 5/9
26' half sphere$ 4490.$ 8200.17'530 sq ft2v 3/6
36' less than half sphere$ 8300.$15,400.18.5'1000 sq ft3v 4/9
36' more than half sphere$11,500.$19,995.25'1000 sq ft3v 5/9
47' less than half sphere$13,200.$24,000.24'1650 sq ft4v 5/12
48' half sphere$ 16,995.$32,000.28'1800 sq ft4v 6/12

Storm Series Frame price includes structural steel dome frame, hardware connectors and footing plates. Plywood price includes 3/4" plywood triangles, hardware connecting straps and fasteners. Pricing is materials only.

Hurricane Series Steel Dome

In severe natural disasters including hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes and extreme heavy snow, these domes are designed to be the last building standing.

Dome diameterFrame PricePlywoodCeiling w/4' base1st Floor AreaID
26' half sphere$ 12,500.$ 8400.17'530 sq ft26' 2v 3/6
36' less than half sphere$22,800.$15,400.18.5'1000 sq ft36' 3v 4/9
36' more than half sphere$29,900.$21,700.25'1000 sq ft36' 3v 5/9
47' less than half sphere$35,400.$24,995.21.5'1650 sq ft47' 4v 5/12
48' half sphere$45,495.$34,900.28'800 sq ft48' 4v 6/12
47' more than half sphere$49,900.$42,000.34.5'1650 sq ft48' 4v 7/12
72' half sphere$ 97,900.$ 70,000.40'4100 sq ft72' 6v 9/18

Hurricane Series Steel Frame price includes  3.5" round structural steel tubing, hardware connectors and footing connection plates. Plywood prices includes 3/4" CDX T&G plywood triangles, all fasteners and hardware. Pricing is materials only.

Hurricane Series Wood Frame Dome

"The Dome Inc Hurricane Series Geodesic Dome System meets all the coastal Miami-Dade and Gulf Coast wind requirements for Category 5 wind and debris"
- Paul Durand P.E., S.E. State of Florida

Dome diameter2”x8” Frame2"x12"framePlywoodCeiling w/4'r1Floor AreaID
36' less than half sphere$25,200.$26,600.$14,700.18.5'1000 sq ft36' 3v 4/9
36' more than half sphere$32,000$34,500.$20,995.25'1000 sq ft36' 3v 5/9
47' less than half sphere$39,100.$43,000.$ 24,900.21.5'1650 sq ft47' 4v 5/12
48' half sphere$48,990.$51,700.$33,375.28'1800 sq ft48' 4v 6/12
48' more than half sphere$59,900.$62,500.$ 40,500.34.5'1650 sq ft48' 4v 7/12

Wood Frame Dome prices include structural lumber frame DF or SYP, patented cast aluminum dome hub connectors and base row hubs, grade 5 fasteners, up to 4' riser knee wall. Plywood price includes 1/4" plywood triangles and all fasteners. Pricing is materials only.

Tiny Houses

The "Gimme Shelter" Dome Series

Dome Inc will help you design the perfect tiny house of your dreams!

Special Buys

All items are new or like new unless noted. Includes overrun items and changes from original orders.

Dome frames for sale:

  1. 21' dome frame and white canvas cover $8500. 3v 5/9 storm, lightly used
  2. 20' dome frame $4900. 3v 5/9 storm
  3. 14' dome frame $4400. 2v gazebo 4/6
  4. 21' diameter dome frame with lightly used Tyvek cover $8500. 3v 5/9 storm
  5. 21' dome frame and Weathershield cover $9500. 3v 5/9 storm
  6. 20' diameter 3v hurricane steel frame dome, the former "Occupy Carbondale Dome" Weathered galvanized steel, Includes structural warranty. 3v 5/9 $12,000.

Triangle Window inventory $1950. Each:

70" x 72" x 74" Mocha Brown, polycarbonate skylight window

66" x 68" x 70" Mocha Brown, triple page safety glass skylight window

67" x 70" x 70" Mocha Brown, double pane safety glass skylight window, double drilled

39" x 39" x 39" White, double pane skylight window

72" x 73"x 77" Mocha Brown, new

Hexagon skylights $1450. each.

7 qty, 31" diameter White, hexagon clear UV polycarbonate

4 qty, 31" Mocha Brown, hexagon clear UV polycarbonate

1 qty, 39" Mocha Brown, hexagon clear UV polycarbonate

All skylights include new 2" x 6" lumber base frame and custom formed drip cap.

Prices subject to change without notice