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Geodesic Dome House

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Dome Inc. specializes in dome home and spherical building designs with both wood and steel frames and custom triangle skylights. We manufacture the critical and mathematically precise elements needed to assemble and build geodesic domes.

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Innovative Manufacturing Our Products

Dome Inc. specializes in custom dome designs and holds a patent Hub Connector For Geodesic Domes. Dome’s 4D Glass Skylight System is designed exclusively for dome buildings and are built using insulated safety glass or impact proof polycarbonate. Professional on-site dome specialists are available to expedite assembly of larger domes.

Dome Inc
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About Dome Inc.

Dome Inc. has 700 domes installed globally and a reputation for delivering unique, geodesic dome designs for many purposes. We have had domes built as classrooms, in museums and universities, as a remote arctic research station, and many single-family residences. We have domes in Norway, Spain, Kuwait, Bangkok, Argentina, Canada, and Hawaii, and hundreds in the U.S.