Skylights & Custom Windows

We offer several window options with various price ranges

Skylight & Window Pricing

Prices for triangle skylights up to 5 feet per side are $3,200 each.
Add Triple Pane Glass for $295
Add for oversized glass $XXX
Add reflective or solar cool tint $195
Shipping and special glass crating starts at $950


Window Manufacturing

Respected window manufacturing giants Anderson Windows and Marvin Windows stopped offering skylights about 30 years ago due to persistent water infiltration issues and low demand. Now, Velux is today’s premier conventional and operable skylight manufacturer. Dome Inc. has adopted Velux’s solid curb frame design with additional protection for dome angles as they affect ice, snow, and rain on a skylight. Our sixth-generation custom skylights feature an exclusive 4D aluminum extrusion.

The skylight unit sites on a 2 “x 6” curb. The roof is shingled, and step flashed up to the top of the 6” curb, then the aluminum-framed glass unit is set on top of the 2 “x 6” overlapping the flashing. Our windows are fixed closed.

All windows are custom-made to fit one specific location on your dome. The welded corner frame has a weep system to remove moisture if condensation forms inside the windows. A water gutter collects condensation from the interior glass surface and drains it outside onto the shingled roof.

Dome Inc.’s skylights are built with stainless-steel fasteners and have a continuous thermal break. Code requires all overhead windows to have laminated safety glass as the inner pane. The standard skylight unit is a double pane with a Low-E Energy Coating inside the Argon gas-filled airspace. Exterior frame colors include Arctic White or Mocha Brown. Upgrade options include Triple Pane Glass, Solar Cool Blue or Bronze reflective tint, additional frame colors, and clear impact-proof polycarbonate as a glass replacement. Skylights include a ten-year insulated seal warranty.

SKylights 5 at top

Dome 4D Skylight Windows

Dome Inc. manufactures custom triangle glass skylights designed to enhance incredible wide and tall panoramic views of your property from inside a dome. Safety glass is everyone’s priority while enjoying a sunny open glass wall surrounding you at eye level on all sides, along with bright blue skies overhead.